founded in 1996...

WebService has been present at the market for 20 years and was founded in early days of the Internet times. Since very beginning we could work with well-known brands on their on-line solutions which in many cases are very serious on-line tools or web presence elements of the corporate brand. Our core team has not been changed for all the years making it one of the most experienced design & development team in Poland.

10 years in a group...

For 10 years – between 2003 and 2013 WebService has been a part of the SOLIDEX Group – making us a single team with one of the largest Polish networking system integration company – the first and most important distributor and partner of the Cisco Systems and SUN Solutions in Poland. In the business group WebService was responsible for creating the software solutions with great look and feel as well as for the majority of the marketing part of the SOLIDEX Group giving us great corporate experience and a lot of serious customers.


international clients...

Since 2004 we have gathered a lot of experience in serving international customers from entire Europe. Our long time partnership with customers from Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Belgium, Nederland, Austria, UK, Russia, Baltic States, Ukraine …. proofs great flexibility and communication skills in project management and development as well as competitive pricing and great quality of work.


  • founded in 1996
  • 10 years in a group Solidex
  • international clients