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workshop & methods...

our best skills in interface design

WebService specialises in creating dedicated IT web & mobile solutions that work featuring perfect usability and interface design.
Each of our solutions is dedicated and designed to streamline realword processes and solve real problems in the intuitive and functional way.

our IT workshop & technologies

  • Microsoft.Net
  • PHP Zend
  • Java
  • Phyton
  • WordPress
  • Clojure
  • CMS OpenText
  • CMS Plone
  • HTML5 / CSS

selected works...

  • The series of 5 movies (over 3 min. each) about car finance products for Volkswagen Group Brands (AUDI, Volkswagen, SKODA, SEAT, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles) made in 3D animation techniques from the scratch including screenplay, 3D modeling and movie production and audio with actors voice-over.

  • Pilot project with the new UX&UI redesign for the series of over 20 PURMO websites - first roll-out at the Scandinavian market in Norway.

  • The design and development of the series of websites dedicated for various markets of the Vogel & Noot Heating Techniques brands.

    | UX design | usability | IT development |

  • Car finance calculators for 5 Volkswagen Group brands (AUDI, Volkswagen, SKODA, SEAT, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles) designed with the new streamlined white label design scheme.

  • Custom meeting room and business space reservation system - innovative and functional integrated with Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange popular corporate infrastructure for better automatic user & data management.

    | UX design | usability | IT development |

  • “Web&Multimedia support for Volkswagen Group during the 2018 MotorShow Fair in Poznan” Development and management of Car Finance Calculators and Movies presented during the Fair. Additionally WebService was proud to provide the Photography and Movie making support for the Fair event.

Full-service support and web design for VWFS Polska

| UX design | Usability | Development |

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